Autism Network for Dietary Intervention (ANDI)

Dr. Lothar Ziegar is a medical Doctor who works for a company called, who offer single MMR vaccines all over the country. He has a clinic in Chester offering this service. He is very interested in the ASD population; he uses kinesiology in his practice and has trained with Dr. Klinghardt . Dr.Ziegar can be contacted at the Findhorn Clinic, The old Bakehouse, Findhorn, Scotland, IV36 3GY. Telephone 01309 692299.

JABS (Justice, Awareness and Basic Support) is a support group for vaccine damaged children. Information on availability of single vaccines can be found at this site. There is also a Forum where parents can ask questions about specific vaccines.

National Autistic Society Well worth joining for a minimal fee, keeping you up to date with legislation etc. in the UK. Benefits advisory service available from late 2007.

Occupational Therapy. This is recommended in the National Autism Plan for Children. It can help to stimulate the brain. Go for it even if your child has only minor co-ordination difficulties.

Sensory integration: Sensory experiences include touch, movement, body position, vision, smell, taste, sound and the pull of gravity. The process of the brain organising and interpreting this information is called sensory integration. Children with autism often have difficulties processing sensory information. These difficulties can lead to physical clumsiness, poor self-esteem, poor body awareness, high or low activity levels. Sensory integration can help. See for more information.

B.I.R.D. (neurodevelopment treatment charity) provides a support known as ‘developmental reflexive rehabilitation’ – a series of movement patterns that facilitate neurological feedback to the brain. Help with funding the support may be available from the organisation.

Speech Therapy. A Speech Therapist treats children with speech defects and communication disorders. Autism is a communication disorder. Speech Therapy is also recommended in the National Autism Plan for Children. Two sessions a week is advisable.

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) is a new autism programme that redefines the ‘core deficits’ of autism and provides parents with a programme to address these deficits to the point where they no longer act as barriers to a good quality of life.

I have also used Cranial Osteopathy, Sound Therapy, Auditory Integrated Training (A.I.T.) and am just trying tinted lenses I would recommend these therapies.

Using magnetic clay baths is part of the detoxification support. Parents have found these baths effective as part of the protocol for removing heavy

All children with a diagnosis of autism or ASD or Asperger’s are entitled to Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Some children and families may also be entitled to other benefits. It is best to check with an expert which benefits your family may be entitled to. The NAS have just started a new service advising families on benefits. E mail enquiries can be sent to . For telephone enquiries, ring 0845 070 4004.

The Caudwell Charity Makes direct donations to individual children who have specialised medical requirements. Currently supports many of my clients. Help on applying to the charity is available from my Forum (clients only).