DO FAMILIES IN THE UK OR POLAND REQUIRE AN ENGLISH/POLISH INTERPRETER during our Biomed consultations and/or to interpret my notes?

Monika is an experienced interpreter with specific understanding of the terminology of  Nutritional Therapy. I have worked with Monika previously and can recommend her for her professionalism and for her caring nature. If you wish to find out more, please contact Monika direct on:,


Monika has been an English teacher and translator/interpreter for 15 years, and a Polish-English Montessori teacher since 2015. Recently, she is in the process of becoming a Certified ABA therapist. Monika is the President of Fundacja Antosia – a charity organization set up in 2010, initially giving support to children with eye cancer, and more recently developing into the direction of education, early intervention and therapy for children with special needs. In order to facilitate the needs of children,  Fundacja Antosia has set up the Montessori Lab – providing Bilingual Education and Therapy. They are located in Poznan, Wielkopolska Region, Poland.

The Montessori Lab is the location where Monika gives support to children with the use of the Montessori method, used both as therapy and also as a natural way to prepare children for life. Additionally, she uses the ABA method to support autistic children. The Montessori Lab is also home to a visual therapist and a psychologist.

Since Monika is a great supporter of home-schooling, she is home-schooling her daughter. She also leads a Montessori home-schooling group.

Last but not least,Traditional Chinese Medicine, an anti-cancer diet and NVC is applied to her family in her everyday life.

Monika is the mother of an 8-year-old daughter who is the inspiration of many activities she is involved in. Fundacja Antosia was set up when her daughter was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma (eye cancer). As a result of it, she is now visually impaired, with one eye saved (the other one needed  to be enucleated).

When she was first diagnosed, she started to look for other, non-conventional alternatives to support her immune system while fighting with cancer. It has been 6 years now since her daughter finished her chemotherapy and she can proudly say choosing alternative ways did help her. She has been on Traditional Chinese Medicine for a couple of years now. Monika also pays attention to what she eats and her quality of sleep. Monika is very proud of her daughter and how far she has come.

Monika has the exprience to perfectly understand the worries, feelings and every day problems of parents with special needs children since she is doing the same thing in both her personal and her working life.

With regard to Monika’s interest in children on the autism spectrum, she became interested in Montessori education whilst looking for the best educational system for her daughter and while working in the Montessori environment, she met many autistic children and their families and so became inspired to find an additional way to support them in the learning process. Thus, her involvement in ABA therapy.

As part of her Professional Qualifications and Ethics, please be assured that Monika respects confidential information.


  • Diploma in English teaching as an EFL awarded by the Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa, Konin
  • Certificate in English Montessori teaching,(children age 2,5-6) – the pre-school programme by Polski Instytut Montessori, Warsaw
  • Certificate in Montessori for Infants and Toddlers (0-3 years old) by Fundacja Antosia
  • Diploma in Montessori teaching of children age 9-12  in Polskie Stowarszyszenie Montessori, Łódź
  • Certificate in ABA course, III-part course of Applied Behavior Analysis by Instytut Dziecka Autus, Poznań
  • Certificate in ABA course: an ABA therapist of autistic children (advanced course): commencing in September 2017 by Institue of Child Development, Gdansk – A Certified Institute by Princeton Child Development Institute, USA
  • A regular participant of local and International Montessori Conferences

More information:

facebook: montessori lab

Fee:  15EUR/14GBP/50PLN – written translation an hour

17EUR/16GBP/70PLN – Skype/online consecutive translation an hour