Where to Buy Supplements:
The majority of Jeans’ patients often ask her to recommend an online shop that will sell all the supplements required for their childs’ Biomedical Programme . Due to the special nature of the supplements involved in Biomedical Interventions for Autism, many of the products required are difficult to obtain. Often they must be shipped from the U.S. or elsewhere, and can be difficult for parents to source. Also, when using supplements for any reason, quality is of the utmost importance, so Jean will only consider recommending reputable brands that contain the least additives and fillers. Consequently, it can be very confusing for parents browsing the internet looking to purchase the often unusual supplements she recommends at each consultation.
For this reason, she has researched the many Suppliers available and has put together this list of Suppliers (see below) to give parents a convenient starting point in their search for both a broad range of quality supplements and at reasonable prices. Some of these companies also offer a discount off all orders. Jean uses these Suppliers herself to purchase supplements for her own family. However, please feel free to purchase your products from wherever suits you best.


The Autism Aspergers Shop
Jean stocks a small number of products – some of which can be difficult to source, and others more easily available. Her range includes Ecological Formulas, Vegus juices and Salus Haus juices. The shop can be found at www.autismaspergers-shop.co.uk. Use the discount code ‘ourkids’ to get 5% discount each time you order.

The Natural Dispensary
Orders can be placed either over the phone on 01453 757792 or online at www.naturaldispensary.co.uk. You will first need to Register with them. You can register online or by telephone. For all UK orders over £25, postage is free; for orders under £25, there is a £2 charge.

Spectrum Supplements
This company is based in America with an online presence in the U.K. Orders can be placed via the following link: www.spectrumsupplements.org.uk. Be sure to use this particular link each time you order, as it connects with their UK website, rather than the American one. On behalf of her patients, she has negotiated a 5% discount off all orders – please use the code ‘MUSCROFT-5’. You will first need to Register with them ONLINE before being able to access the discount. Free postage for orders over £99; for orders under £99, there is a £1.99 charge.