A questionnaire was sent out to all patients in Spring 2007. The aim of the survey was to obtain feedback from patients about their levels of satisfaction with services provided. The results are summarised below:

Autism-Asperger’s Client satisfaction questionnaire


18 questionnaires were returned. A summary of responses will be included on the Autism-Asperger’s web site for anyone who is interested in viewing the results.

Some clients did not answer all the questions.

Responses and feedback on responses

Questions 1a) – i)

Responses indicate that the majority of clients are pleased with all aspects of the service. There were no responses in the ‘poor’ category and only 2 responses in the ‘fairly good/not enough’ categories.

Question 3: Which part of my service do you think needs improvement, and why?

There was a suggestion that consult notes could be typed up. This is not currently practical as it would result in an additional time commitment and therefore an increase in prices.

Another client noted that she would rather have done the DAN! panel of tests separately instead of paying up front for the full panel, due to problems drawing blood. If there are problems with drawing blood, ordering of separate tests rather than the full panel is at the client’s discretion, but of course the discount would not be available this way.

The same client noted that it would help if IWDL could label blood test tubes more clearly. IWDL have recently made instructions for the DAN! panel and for stool test more clear – hopefully this should help. A rider to this is that some of the tests have to go to American labs – obviously the labelling here is out of IWDL’s control.

A couple of clients noted that phone consults sometimes overrun. Efforts will be made to try to manage this more effectively.

Once client suggested that quicker consult notes would be useful. The current service standard for clients to receive consult notes is within 72 working hours.

Question 4: Which part of my service do you appreciate most, and why?

The overwhelming majority of answers to this question centred on Jean’s availability to answer e mails in between consults.

This is also the part of the service which is found to be most time consuming. The free Forum is helping to manage the time spent on e mails and a plan has been put into place to minimise availability to answer questions in between consults in order to make the service more cost effective.

For those who have not joined the Forum yet, other clients are finding it invaluable and it is recommended that you join.

Other responses included that telephone consults are easily accessed; that new supports are ‘road tested’ on Jean’s daughter; and that Jean is mentored by top DAN! doctors.

Question 5: How do you feel about me being a non-medical Nutritional Therapist?

  • 11 comments were positive, ranging from ‘it doesnt bother me’ to ‘I think it’s a great advantage and something that adds considerable value to your DAN! knowledge’
  • 4 comments made reference to the fact that it would be desirable for Jean to be medically trained, but acknowledged that this may increase prices or ‘it’s just the way things are.’
  • 1 comment suggested that the service was not complete unless it is established whether the patient can absorb and tolerate the supplements suggested. It is not possible to ascertain how well a supplement is absorbed. Supplements are added in slowly to ensure that each child can tolerate them.

Question 6: Do you have any other comments or suggestions to make?

  • 7 clients responded with either ‘keep up the good work’ or ‘very pleased with your service’.
  • 1 client again suggested that other disciplines (such as homeopathy) may help certain clients. Jean is only trained in Nutritional Therapy and therefore cannot advise on other support, but all clients are free to consult other therapists and Jean will always try to work in partnership with other practitioners.
  • 1 client noted that it was sometimes a struggle to read my handwriting. Efforts will be made to write more clearly.
  • 1 client was pleased that Jean has experience of DAN! from a parent’s perspective.
  • 1 client suggested short training sessions on biomed and food would be useful. All clients can access information on biomed through DAN! webcasts, and biomed books, as well as from other parents on the Forum. Providing training would incur an extra cost and it is thought best to avoid further costs for clients wherever possible.
  • 1 client suggested 6 monthly reviews.
  • 1 client suggested it would be good to send updates to patients’ GPs and that she thought people would be willing to pay around £25 for a report. Contact with GPs on a regular basis is something that may be practical if Jean was qualified as a medical doctor. Unfortunately, it seems that Jean’s status as a Nutritional Therapist does not have much sway with GP’s!
  • 1 client suggested a yahoo group specifically for my clients. This has been set up and hopefully you are all finding it helpful :
  • 1 client suggested that it would be good to get another person in the practice trained up. The practice can only currently support one Practitioner. However, Jo is being trained in Nutrition and once she is qualified, this input will be invaluable.

Thanks again to all of you who responded to the questionnaire. The feedback has been invaluable in helping Jean to improve her services.